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Catering with care is more than just a slogan

TriliCa was founded in May, 2013. Since its establishment it has been mostly known in industrial catering.

Recently it launched event catering with the possibility to cater for up to 1000 persons whatever the occasion might be, casual or formal, from business functions, home based dinners or lunches to cocktail buffets and seated receptions.

"Where ‪‎exceptional‬ ‪cuisine‬, ‪creativity‬ and‪ ‎sophisticated‬ ‪service‬ meet."

The Spice Lounge

Event Catering

Whatever your occasion, be it a special event, a wedding, a birthday, a corporate gathering or a simple evening with family and friends…we are there for you!

We take into account all factors: the budget, the setting, and what you want to achieve with your special get-together.
At TriliCa, we deliver the most diverse and creative food options using quality, nutritious and seasonal produce.
Our team has been trained in hospitality to insure the gathering is unforgettable by all means.

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We have pride in providing catering services for receptions and cocktail parties.

Our service is friendly, but professional, with an emphasis on impeccable presentation, punctuality, and a readiness to adapt to last-minute requests.

Our Cuisine varies from typical Lebanese with all its authenticity (Shawarma station, kebbe, saj station, kharouf mehshe, frikeh...) to fine cuisine ranging between regional (European and East Asian) and national cuisines (Italian, French, Spanish, Mexican, Japanese, Chinese…).
We are able to provide you with crockery and cutlery, tables and chairs and ravish you with our live stations.

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Our team

Our managing and operational team is constituted of young and energetic individuals all having gained experience in the Lebanese market in different fields. Our people are gathered and motivated around this project their sole aim is to make of it a winner.

Our operations manager has worked for 18 years in the catering business, amongst them 13 years in on-campus and event catering. He is acquainted with the needs and changing trends of the business.

The Spice Lounge

Industrial Catering

TriliCa brings extensive catering experience to schools, colleges, universities and business clients. We pride ourselves on being professional catering contractors and we are passionate about our food. Our aim is always to serve fresh, high quality, locally sourced products.

  • International College - Ain Aar
  • Bank Audi Head Office, Bab idriss
  • Grand Lycée Franco - Libanais Beirut
  • Lycée Franco - Libanais Verdun
  • Lycée Franco - Libanais Habbouche Nabatiyeh

We follow nutrition awareness in setting menus, our school meals are regulated and controlled by the renown dietitian "Ms. Lama Barakat".

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News & Events

Date: 23.02.2017

Category: News

My health is defined by my Plate / Presented by Dietitian Christelle Chebly
In its continuous mission to offer the best to its young consumers Trilica and GLFL have partnerned to educate students of CM1 and CM2 on healthy feeding habits and the basic food nutrients.
Date: 31.08.2015

Category: News

Moving at Grand lycée Franco-Libanais

To serve you better with even more space, we are moving to a new location in GLFL.
The new cafeteria operational as of September 7, 2015 could seat up to 330 student and teacher. New equipment have been imported by Equip Hotel especially for TRILICA to match the grandeur of the space. The standards have been kept high as promised ...

More photos closer to the opening date. Visit us and let us have your feedback. Your opinion counts!

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Main office and central kitchen

   St. Rouhana Center, Mar Roukoz street
Dekwaneh, Beirut, Lebanon

   Phone/Fax: +961 1 691496
   Mobile: +961 70480714
   Mobile: +961 3954544